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LETTER: BLM co-founder loves her mansions

I absolutely loved Larry Elder’s April 21 column on BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors. There are quite a few takeaways:

— When money rolls in the door, integrity goes out the window.

— She’s obviously concerned about Black lives; she just doesn’t want to live in their ‘hood.

— Karl Marx must be spinning in his grave.

Let’s be clear: You’d be hard pressed to convince me that some poor Black family who sent money to support the BLM would not be righteously offended by the way their donations are being used. Multiple million-dollar properties for Ms. Cullors? Why wasn’t this money applied to help Black communities instead of lining her pockets? Why no Black outrage over this? Surely Mr. Elder is not the only Black person to have major concerns.

If you now admonish me to mind my own business, then keep sending her money. I hear there’s a villa in Tuscany Ms. Cullors has her eye on.

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