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LETTER: Sunsetting taxes that never sunset

While reading the article in the Wednesday Review-Journal about all the new bills that are being passed at the Legislature, I noticed a story on the next page reporting that the Clark County commissioners extended the sales tax hike. I don’t know about anyone else, but that really frustrates me. To think that we let them pass this tax hike for a two-year limited time and it was supposed to be done away with on June 30.

Given everything going on with this pandemic, you would think that the commissioners would let this tax expire. I mean, the government told all the landlords that they could not evict people for nonpayment of rent, yet our property taxes and mortgage payments were still due. Why didn’t the state give everyone a tax break?

Then, in the classified section, I noticed the county treasurer’s “trustee auction.” What? People are now losing their homes because they could not make their property tax payment.

I personally think that we should not re-elect any governor, state lawmaker or county commissioner who does not listen to his or her constituents. I will definitely will not vote for any one of them again. Let’s put people in their places who will listen to our voices.

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