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LETTER: Tough questions about the homeless issue

In his Saturday letter (“Homeless problem”) John Pauli chastised readers for expressing their opinions about the homeless in California by simply suggesting “get rid” of them or hide them where we “can’t see them.” Nowhere does Mr. Pauli make a suggestion on how to help.

Mr. Pauli not only offered no ideas, but he also used his forum to blame President Donald Trump. But who is responsible for addressing the homeless situations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Baltimore? Is it Mr. Trump? No, it is not. It is the state and local officials in those places who have allowed them to become “rat-infested” cesspools. All these places are run by Democratic administrations which have been provided billions (with a “b”) in federal funds to combat homelessness.

Mr. Pauli should direct his rants to the applicable city administrators rather than berate his fellow citizens.

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